With a journey that began in the 1950s with a small outlet, Pithri has now established themselves with an online store. It’s no surprise that a company that produces such a level of quality products have been able to make their mark in the world of fashion. Here is an excerpt from a chat that we had with Pithri.

Pithri is my family business started by my grandfather in 1952. My grandfather and grandmother started this business by selling socks which they hand-knit at home. By 1970, Pithri went into the market on a large scale and gained a lot of goodwill. I’m fortunate to be born in this family and to continue the legacy. I started the Pithri online store in 2016. It took a year to set up since I was new in this field. My grandfather made the brand successful in Calcutta and I wanted it to reach out to entire India by going online. I love my work as every day is a new challenge. Dhruv Kumar, the present face of Pithri, speaks about their business and how StorePep helped him resolve the Shopify shipping issues.

Shipping orders were crucial, so initially, I tied up with FedEx. The main issue was that for individual orders, I had to go to the FedEx website and input the order and customer details. To handle one order, it would take around 15-20 minutes. So, I was actively looking for a partner or a solution which would make this process quicker and easier because of the growing demand.

I get around 80 orders a day. Handling these 80 orders is a very time consuming and tiring process. In any online business, you need to give a very good level of service to your customers. For example, earlier, when customers ordered something on a Monday morning, I used to ship it on Wednesday or Thursday. They received it only on Friday or Saturday, which was not good for my brand. Now, using StorePep, I can ship all 80 orders before Monday lunchtime and the customer receives it by Tuesday or Wednesday. The process which took almost 2-3 days is now done in just 3 hours, which is a huge gain for my brand.

One of the biggest advantages of StorePep is that I can print 3 copies of the bill and the main shipping label in two sheets of paper in a perfect layout. Earlier, this took around 6 sheets of paper. So, from an inventory standpoint, it is very beneficial.

As a store owner, I have to select a shipping carrier based on the serviceable area to reduce cost. For example, FedEx charges almost Rs.2000 for a shipment from Kolkata to Maharashtra if it is not a serviceable area. The normal cost of shipping using Delhivery is just Rs.100. Earlier, I use to check this manually and use Delhivery in this case. We used to have 1 or 2 orders that fall in this criteria. In the past, there were cases where I selected FedEx for such orders and lost a huge amount due to this. The total order cost was Rs. 600 and I spent almost Rs.2000 for shipping. StorePep automates this scenario and I don’t need to bother about this. With automation from StorePep, the carrier is auto-selected. This selection is based on shipping costs and which helps you generate hundreds of shipping labels with a single click.

The customer service from StorePep has been impeccable. The StorePep team ordered a product from my store to understand the shipping process and the problems that I face. I have to mention about Sanoop. He is a very nice guy and was very helpful. Sanoop explained everything to me as someone would explain to a kid. Also, StorePep gave me more value than any other solution that I have tried. They even customized my invoice to include my brand image in it.

Another challenge for me was handling the shipment weight. Certain products have a certain weight. So, if the shipment weighs above 500g, FedEx or any other carrier service charge you for 1 kg. With StorePep, this process is completely automated. I don’t have to worry about importing order weight or PIN codes, changing shipments of COD or prepaid. I remember one of our customers from Hyderabad, whose PIN code was 500006 and by mistake, I entered 500007. All these human errors were completely eliminated using StorePep.

StorePep gives a good pictorial representation of the shipment status, ie. the number of shipments which are out, number of shipments delivered and the shipments which are exceptions. This helps a lot and I haven’t seen this in any other solutions.

My store is a Shopify store and StorePep’s integration with Shopify was very smooth. One issue with Shopify is that if you select a COD payment and then change it to a pre-payment, the order still comes as COD. Imagine a customer paid you Rs.1000 for a product and he is waiting for the delivery. Now, during the delivery, the guy asks him to pay Rs.1000 again. Imagine what the brand image and delivery perception would be. StorePep avoids this by notifying you about the orders which are not processed in the normal processing method. This is my favorite feature.

I’m very fortunate that in my facebook page, all my customers have given a 5 out of 5 ratings and the majority of them focused on service. Since they focused on service and timely deliveries, I can conclusively say that it is not only my team but also StorePep which helped me a lot.

I would definitely recommend StorePep to others. I would say you can be a solopreneur with the help of StorePep. You can do the complete process on your own and you don’t have to hire anyone to do this. With StorePep, everything is so streamlined and clean. If nobody comes to work, you can just come and ship 80-100 orders yourself easily.

Now, you can also provide an Amazon Prime-like experience to your customers using StorePep…

Amazon Prime like Infographic