Pre-requisites :

The following points are assumed before writing the article :
Dokan Multi vendor plugin is already installed on your WooCommerce Store.
– You are familiar with StorePep integration of WooCommerce, how to display rates in your WooCommerce Shopping cart, Print Shipping labels, schedule pickups, generate manifest and track your shipments. You can refer our WooCommerce UPS integration article for more info on the above pointers.

The next step would be to link those vendors with StorePep such that your vendors can show their rates in checkout and generate their own labels.

Connecting Vendors with StorePep :

Login(as admin) to  and check for the ‘Users –> Setup’ section. Click on ‘Add New User’ and then provide the details.
StorePep will try to sync the user details from your WooCommerce store as shown below :

Finally, as per screenshot, there are two vendors configured on my Woo Store :

Both these vendors can login to their own view in StorePep after verification of their accounts through email. A sample verification email is shown below :

Vendor View :

On logging onto a vendor view from, you will be able to define your own Shipping Carriers and ‘Ship From’  addresses. By default, the store details will be auto-configured as vendor will be using the same store as the Shop-owner.

So, now your vendor can start importing orders and printing labels from his personal view. This will give him enormous flexibility and agility to do custom shipping.

Order fulfilment :

Suppose there are two or more products from different vendors in a single order. In that case, the vendors can generate their own shipping labels and tracking details will be auto-assigned(in WooCommerce) to a partial order created exclusively for each vendor. For example, in the above scenario, you can see there are two vendors :
– Circle
– anindochk
StorePep, by default splits the existing order into equal number of parts as the number of vendors in the order. As you can see in the screenshot below, Order #437 has two sub-orders #438 and #439 for each vendor :

Tracking details from each vendor is shown in the respective sub-orders of order #437 as shown below :

Pickup and Manifest generation is a breeze and there is no change in process as compared to a Shop-owner generating Pickup and Manifest. To know more about it, you can refer our WooCommerce UPS integration article.