Initiate shipping process realtime, and win happy customers

Instant mobile alerts on new orders to kickstart your delivery process right after an order is placed. Speed up your fulfillment; every minute counts.

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Monitor your Business on Mobile!

Keep a watch on the sales numbers of your store real time! The app dashboard displays sales for Today, Yesterday, Past 7 Days, Current Month, Previous Month, or for a Custom Date according to your choice. With the updated StorePep app, you will get:

  • Reports including Total Sales, Daily Average Sales and Refunds.
  • List of top-selling products in a particular time range.
  • A quick overview of orders based on order status.
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Manage your store on the Go!

With StorePep, you can easily manage several everyday aspects of your store, even when you are travelling.

  • Search orders, view and edit order details, and update order status.
  • Update shipping address and add order notes.
  • Open shipping address on map for easy navigation, and dial customers directly from the app.
  • Search for customers, view customer details and send emails easily.
  • Search for products, view product details, and update product description, stock, price, etc.
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Get Real-time Alerts!

You do not have to worry anymore about the smooth functioning of your store. StorePep will alert you on important matters that require your immediate attention. Install the
StorePep Integration Plugin and the app will provide notifications for:

  • New orders.
  • Change in order status.
  • New Customers.
  • Low Stock.
  • Out of Stock.
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Who we are

StorePep is a state-of-the-art WooCommerce management tool that supports varied day-to-day aspects of your store. We are part of the WooForce and XAdapter family that excels in product development for a wide range of WooCommerce functionalities.

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