In this article, we will discuss how you can easily display carrier calculated shipping rates on a WooCommerce store using StorePep. With StorePep, WooCommerce store owners can automate real-time shipping rates from shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, Stamps, USPS, Australia Post, Delhivery and much more, directly on the cart/checkout page.

Real time rates from multiple carrier for your WooCommerce store

Follow the steps given below to configure carrier calculated rates at a cart page:

Step 1: Download the WooCommerce shipping Calculator by StorePep

You need to Download the WoCommerce shipping calculator. This plugin help in the integration of your WooCommerce store with StorePep. After you have downloaded the plugin using the above link, you can install it to your WooCommerce store, go to Plugins —> Add New Select the plugin then Install Now.

Step 2: Configure the WooCommerce store with StorePep using API Keys

If you are already signed up with StorePep then you can get integration id on you StorePep account. Go to Account Setup > Shipping rates > API Keys or you can click here, from here you can copy your API keys.

Shipping rate API Keys

If you are not already signed up with StorePep then click on the button Signup & Get API keys. As shown the below image.

Sign up with StorePep for Real time rates at WooCommerce cart page

After you have signed up with StorePep you will receive the email with Integration ID along with the secret key.

Email with Integration id for Real time rates at WooCommerce cart page

Add this vales on StorePep plugin settings and click on the Save Changes.

Integration Id on WooCommerce StorePep plugin for Real-Time rates

Step 3: Add Shipping rates Automation Rule

To Show the real-time rates at a checkout you need to add the automation rules and choose the shipping carrier you want to use. Add Shipping carrier service before adding the automation rule.

Now to Add Automation rule for Shipping rates on your StorePep account go to Account Setup > Shipping Rates > Rate Automation > Add Rule. Add Shipping Carrier / service based on you choice (I am adding FedEx).

Rates Automation Real time rates at WooCommerce cart page

Now let us add product to a Cart and check the real time rates:

Real time rates at WooCommerce cart page


Shipping calculator plugins are used to show real-time shipping rate at a cart page, you can easily add API keys by following the above steps. You can contact us for further query.