StorePep WooCommerce App Integration plugin

Managing your store while you are away from your computer or when on the move, is getting really easy!
Now, with StorePep WooCommerce App Integration plugin, get instant alerts on your mobile about the many possible changes on your store.

Real-Time Notifications

You do not have to worry anymore about the smooth functioning of your store. With the help of this plugin, StorePep will promptly alert you on important matters that require your immediate attention.

New Orders

StorePep will notify you when a new order is placed on your store, so that you can handle it anytime, anywhere.

New Customer

Get notified when a new customer signs up to your website.

Order Status Change

Get notified whenever the Order Status is changed. Customise which status change will trigger the notification.

Stock Status

No need to worry about the inventory. Get notified whenever the stocks reach the low-threshold or run out.