Live USPS Shipping Rates integrated to your WooCommerce Checkout

Show USPS shipping rates integrated to your WooCommerce checkout based on Shipper address, destination address, weight and dimensions of products.

Manage Multi vendor Shipping with USPS in WooCommerce

Show combined USPS shipping rates from different vendor locations in WooCommerce. In addition, the WooCommerce vendors will have their own StorePep view for downloading orders, generating USPS labels, raising pickups, tracking their shipments, etc


Provide Free Shipping to your WooCommerce Customers and ship via USPS

Amplify shipping goodwill for your WooCommerce Store by implementing Free Shipping for your USPS customers on a set of factors with the additional feature of setting free shipping for different seasons and then sh.

Print USPS Shipping labels in bulk for your WooCommerce orders

Coherently print USPS Shipping Labels in Bulk for your WooCommerce orders and do away with the manual effort of cloning shipment information in USPS account portal

Deliver orders in Priority with known costs and no surcharges with USPS flat rate boxes in WooCommerce

Get the cheapest Shipping rates for your WooCommerce store with USPS Flat rate boxes & with the following added benefits :
1. Get Priority Delivery in WooCommerce : USPS Flat rate boxes are delivered in Priority Mail, so that means a package would normally take 2-3 days
2. Known costs for your WooCommerce Shipment: Using flat rate boxes you would not get any errors in shipping calculation due to weight and other issues as the costs are pre-determined.
3. USPS does not add fuel, residential, or Saturday delivery surcharges to any of its shipment from WooCommerce.


Get USPS Live Tracking updates for your WooCommerce Shipments

Check tracking status of USPS shipments in real time and provide email delivery updates to customers in WooCommerce

Deliver to remotest locations with USPS' extensive network right from your WooCommerce store

Deliver your orders from WooCommerce to the remotest location of United States with the least possible shipping cost from USPS and stay ahead of your competition all the time.

Easily manage USPS deliveries to PO Boxes in WooCommerce

USPS is the only shipping carrier in United States that allows you to ship to PO Boxes from your WooCommerce store. Moreover, Shipping to PO boxes is very easy via WooCommerce and USPS, as PO Boxes are located in post offices.

USPS Shipping Rates integrated to your WooCommerce Checkout

1. Allow your customers to receive live USPS Shipping rates for WooCommerce store based on Shipper address, destination address, weight and dimensions of products.

2. StorePep allows you to easily setup flat rate Shipping for your WooCommerce store on a variety of factors like Order Amount, Total Order weight, Total quantity of items in order, Shipping zones and then ship via USPS. Moreover, you can also allow discounts on USPS shipping costs and Allow Mark-ups to existing real time shipping costs.

Print USPS labels in Bulk for your WooCommerce Store

1. StorePep seamlessly generates USPS labels using the service selected by the customer in WooCommerce store checkout. Moreover, Shopkeeper can create labels for his WooCommerce store using different USPS services based on the destination country(Shipping zone) along with a host of other factors.

2. Gone are the days of cloning every order information into your USPS account in order to generate labels in WooCommerce. StorePep automatically picks up the weight from your WooCommerce store and allows you to Print 100s of labels in a few clicks.

Get USPS Real time Tracking updates for your WooCommerce store

1. StorePep allows you to get USPS live Shipment tracking updates for your WooCommerce orders. So nervous phone calls from customers with WooCommerce stores asking for USPS tracking information are history now.

2. StorePep provides email notifications to customers for every USPS tracking update. You can now keep your WooCommerce customers very well informed.

3. WooCommerce Shipping Calculator app attaches the USPS tracking details in WooCommerce order when the Shipment status of the order is  updated to  ‘Shipped’.

Schedule USPS Pickup for your WooCommerce Store!

1. Book USPS Pickups from your WooCommerce Store in a super intuitive manner using StorePep. Pickups allow USPS staff to come and collect your WooCommerce orders based Pickup time and company closing time.

2. Select the Pickup type, Company closing time and even the default Pickup Service which will allow you to schedule your USPS Pickups smoothly and streamline your WooCommerce Shipping experience.

Generate USPS Manifests for your WooCommerce Shipments

1. Using your StorePep account, generate USPS manifests for all your WooCommerce orders in a single click. This will allow USPS staff to monitor the goods scheduled for Pickup.

2. StorePep provides a single window for USPS Label Printing, Manifest generation, Tracking as well Pickup generation which simplifies the whole WooCommerce Shipping experience for the Shopkeeper.

Automatic Selection of Cheapest USPS shipping service for your WooCommerce orders

This feature automatically selects the cheapest USPS cost service among the various Shipping services and generates labels using it for your WooCommerce store. This feature increases savings for the WooCommerce storeowner and reduces time for shopkeeper as he does not have to worry about manually finding the cheapest USPS service for label generation.

Powerful Shipping Features to streamline your WooCommerce store :

Send USPS Military & Diplomatic Mail from your WooCommerce Store

Send packages to your loved ones from the military with USPS Military and Diplomatic Mail and easily manage shipping from your WooCommerce Store.

– Ship to an APO/FPO/DPO  and pay domestic prices.
– Ship international with inbuilt customs documentation.


Define per item Shipping cost for WooCommerce shipments and ship via USPS

Easily define per item pricing for USPS orders in WooCommerce using StorePep. No more monthly subscriptions apps required to achieve this simple functionality.

Perform complex Table Rate Shipping operations for your WooCommerce Store

StorePep provides you the option to harness the power of table rates shipping in WooCommerce and then perform order fulfilment via USPS by allowing shipping based on complete set of factors like :
– Total weight of order
-Total quantity of items in order
– Total value of the order
– Shipping Zones
– Shipping classes and many more such factors


Manifest generation for USPS in WooCommerce

Generate shipping manifests for your WooCommerce store showing detailed description of shipment contents and hand it over to USPS staff during Pickups

Use USPS package insurance for WooCommerce shipments

With the insurance feature of USPS, get coverage of upto $10000 for each package of your WooCommerce store.

Return your Shipments with USPS in WooCommerce

Email USPS return labels to your WooCommerce customers . Provide WooCommerce shipment instructions & customs invoice and allow them to raise Pickup for return

USPS Value Added Services for your WooCommerce Store

Take advantage of the following additional USPS value added services and make your shipping process even smoother in your WooCommerce store :
– Signature Confirmation™
– Restricted Delivery
– Collect on Delivery (COD)
– Certified Mail™
– Commercial Base Pricing
– Hide the postage value on your label
– Consolidate multiple shipments into one barcode

Saturday Delivery for your USPS shipments in WooCommerce

Allow Saturday Delivery of USPS Shipments for your WooCommerce Store

Proper WooCommerce back office integration with USPS

Check USPS Shipping rates before Printing labels in WooCommerce back office thereby reducing errors in workflow

USPS Electronic customs for your WooCommerce Shipment

Avoid delays caused by handwritten, misread USPS customs documentation by electronically transmitting commercial invoice data from WooCommerce store to customs offices across the globe


Show adjusted USPS Shipping rates at WooCommerce checkout

Adjust USPS Shipping Rates for your WooCommerce Store or define Table Rate Shipping rates based on weight of shipments, quantity of items, order total.


Usage of USPS dimensional weight in WooCommerce

StorePep calculates dimensional weight of the USPS shipment, compares it with total weight of the shipment and uses higher of  the two weights to calculate shipping rates for your WooCommerce store.

Branding your WooCommerce store with customised USPS shipping label and tracking notification

Customise your Tracking email, Return portal using HTML. Provide your own borders, colours, background images, etc. Upload company logo in USPS Shipping labels and give a perfect WooCommerce branding experience to your customers

Transit time for your USPS shipments in WooCommerce

Show USPS transit time to customers in WooCommerce checkout and get accurate estimates in back office as well

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