StorePep provides a number of options when it comes to choosing a shipping carrier service, including FedEx, DHL Services, UPS, USPS, Delhivery,, and Canada post. Since there has been a lot of tracking problems related to different carriers, tracking live shipments have always been a concern for customers. An effortless tracking system and a proactive delivery update are what’s required for customer satisfaction. StorePep has a proactive delivery update feature where the customer receives a mail whenever there’s a change in status for the order. Following are the steps to track shipments live:
  • Once the order is successfully placed in the store, the order’s data is pulled in the StorePep account. Under ‘All Orders’ you can see the particular order’s status as ‘Processing’.
  • Once we see the order is in the processing status, we need to generate label for that order. Choose the order and under Bulk Action select Generate Labels. A success message will pop up on the screen once done. Choose the ‘Label Batch’ option next and ‘Request a Pickup’ for the order after selecting it.
  • After pickup has been initiated, head on over to the ‘Manifest’ section and generate manifests for the orders.
  • Once the Manifest is generated, the tracking ID for that particular order can be seen under the manifest option. The same tracking ID can be seen on WooCommerce by the customer and live tracking of the shipment can be done through it.
In case you want to track the shipment real time, the link on the right hand side can be followed. The link will take you to the particular carrier service page.
(This being a test order, the following error is being shown) The order status is color coded for the store owner’s convenience. The order on time will be shown in Green and orders with delays are shown in Red. See below for an example of the live order shipping status:
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