StorePep acts as the Perfect intermediary between Canada Post and e-commerce platforms to seamlessly handle Shipping and Order fulfilment. In Addition, StorePep fulfils orders by sending tracking details back into the e-commerce store.

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Supported e-Commerce Platforms

Canada Post Shipping rates integrated to your Shopping cart

  • Show live Canada Post Shipping rates based on Shipper address, destination address, weight and dimensions of product.
  • Set up flat rate shipping on a variety of factors like Order Amount, Order Total weight, Total quantity of items in cart, Shipping Class & Shipping Zones. 
  • Provide discounts or allow mark-ups to existing real time shipping rates.

Print Canada Post Shipping labels in bulk with StorePep

  • StorePep seamlessly generates Canada Post Shipping labels using the service selected by the customer at checkout.
  • Store owner can create Canada Post labels using different services based on the destination country(Shipping zone) along with a host of other factors.

Get Canada Post real time tracking updates for your e-commerce store

  • StorePep allows you to get Canada Post live Shipment tracking updates for your orders. So nervous phone calls from customers asking for tracking information are history now.
  • StorePep provides email notifications to customers for every Canada Post tracking update. You can now keep your customers very well informed. 
  • A free extension attaches the tracking details in order when the Shipment status of the Canada Post order is updated to ‘Shipped’.

Schedule Canada Post Pickup for your store!

  • Book Pickups in a super intuitive manner using StorePep. Pickups allow Canada Post staff to come and collect your orders based Pickup ID provided.

Generate Canada Post Manifests for your Shipments

  • Using your StorePep account, generate Canada Post manifests for all your orders in a single click. This will allow the Canada Post staff to monitor the goods scheduled for Pickup.
  • StorePep provides a single window for Canada Post Label Printing, Manifest generation, Tracking as well Pickup generation which simplifies the whole Shipping experience for the Store Owner.

Automatic Selection of Cheapest Canada Post shipping service for your order

  • This feature automatically selects the cheapest Canada Post service among the various Shipping services and generates labels using it for your online store. This feature increases savings and reduces time for Store owner as he does not have to worry about manually finding the cheapest Canada Post service for label generation.

Save Time & Money and Simplify your Shipping with the below Features


Find a Post Office

Provide your address at checkout and StorePep will find the post office locations in your vicinity. You can use to pickup your product 


Deliver to Post Office

Provide your customers option to pickup from any of the 6000 + post office locations of Canada Post across the length and breadth of Canada. 

Show Transit Time for your Canada Post Shipments at Checkout

Using StorePep, your customers would be able to see the transit times of all Canada Post services at checkout and take informed decisions.

Easy Handling of Returns

StorePep allows you to generate a return label and send it to the customer in an email. This reduces the store owners’ effort as otherwise he would have to contact Canada Post and get this done. 

Lettermail Rates

Send personal messages, business correspondence, invoices, and billing statements within Canada using Lettermail.

Usage of Canada Post Dimensional Weight

StorePep calculates dimensional weight of Canada Post shipment, compares it with total weight of the shipment and uses the higher of the two weights to calculate shipping rates for your online store.


Setup A Minimum Shipping Cost for your Canada Post Shipments

Force customers to pay a minimum Shipping value at checkout using StorePep’s inbuilt automations.

Flexible Free Shipping for your Canada Post shipments

Provide Free Shipping over an order amount, weight or order total for your Canada Post shipments.

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