The Multi-Vendor store is an online store where more than one vendor can sell there product. Fulfilling multi-vendor orders are not an easy task that’s why it is important that you automate it using StorePep. In this article, we will show you how to configure your multi-vendor store with StorePep for seamless shipping experience to your customer.

Setup your StorePep account.

If you already have an account with StorePep and finished account setup you can skip this step.

To set up your StorePep account you need to add:

  1. Store
  2. Carriers
  3. From Address

How to add store?

StorePep supports three e-commerce platforms WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Click here for online store configuration with StorePep.

How to add carriers?

To add Carriers you need carriers Account number and there API credentials. Click here for carrier configuration with StorePep.

How to add from address?

From address is your store address/warehouse address. Your shipping rates will be calculated based on this address and your courier service will come to this address for pickups. Click here to see on how to configure ‘ship from’ address.

This is the basic account setups you can now add an automation rule based on your scenario to full fill order. All the orders will be updated in your StorePep dashboard from here you can Print the shipping label and manifests, request pickups and check the tracking status. If you have a vendor who wants to sell his products on your store you can add him to StorePep.

How to add a Vendor on StorePep?

You can add your vendor to StorePep so that he can full-fill his order on StorePep. Login to StorePep and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Add a new user on your StorePep Account

  1. Click on the “Account Setup” on the left menu.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Setup” under Users.
  3. Click on “ADD NEW” on top right side of the screen.

Step 2: Add vendor

  1. Fill in the vendor information(StorePep).
  2. Now you will have to associate this StorePep user(Vendor) with You store user (Vendor)
    • Assign User Role as “vendor“.
    • Then select your Store, Vendor Association pop-up will appear here select the Store User used for this vendor.
  3. Click on “Add User“.

Once the vendor is added they will receive a verification email. After which he can setup is StorePep account.

How should vendor setup his StorePep account?

Step 1: Verify Email address.

After store owner has added a vendor to StorePep, the vendor will receive an email for account verification. Click on the link in the email, a new tab will appear on browser.

Step 2: Set account password

Set the account password and then login to StorePep.

Step 3: Vendor account setup.

After vendor log in to StorePep, they will be asked to setup the account.

For a vendor to set up the StorePep account they need to add carriers and from address. Refer the articles given below to learn how to add carrier service and from address.

  1. Carrier Configuration With StorePep.
  2. ‘Ship From’ Address Configuration In StorePep.

After vendors have configured their own StorePep account each vendor will have there own independent shipping view. Vendors and store-owner can fulfill their orders independently.

For order fulfillment in a multi-vendor scenario, each vendor along with store-owner have to perform the steps given below.

  1. Showing combined shipping rates of all the vendors from carriers directly integrated into your shopping cart.
  2. Individual vendors should generate shipping labels.
  3. Vendors should Schedule their own pickups and Generate manifests
  4. Send combined tracking updates to customer and empower him to track all shipments from one place.

Now allow me to show how to perform this tasks by using StorePep.

Multi vendors order fulfilment using StorePep.

Let us see how to automate order fulfillment when a customer has ordered from two different vendors.

For this let us use a business case where a WooCommerce store owner sells fashion apparel and has added vendor through dokan to his online store who sells hoodies.

Now when a customer adds the product to cart from two different vendors, Store owner and vendor can charge combined real-time shipping rate at the cart page as shown in the image below.

After the order is placed each vendor will have independent shipping view for label generation on StorePep.

Orders from multiple vendors

Independent Shipping View For Store owner of his order

Independent Shipping View For vendor of his order

Now both store owner and the vendor will be able to print a shipping label, schedule pickups, generate manifests and track order status independently. The steps for fulfilling orders through StorePep by Store owners and vendors remain the same:

Label generation by multiple vendors

Let’s see how can store owner and vendor individually generate shipping labels of there orders.

Step 1: Generate shipping label for orders

Store owner view
vendor view
  1. Click on “View” and then “All Orders”.
  2. Select the order you want to fulfill.
  3. Click on the “More Actions”> “Generate Labels”

Step 2: Print Shipping Label

Store owner view

Vendor view
  1. Click on “Views”.
  2. Select “Label Batch”.
  3. Print shipping label.
Store Owners shipping label

Vendors shipping label

Pickup request and manifest generation by multiple vendors

Vendors and store owners can schedule pick up time independent of each other.

Step 1: Schedule Pick-up time

Store owners view
Vendor view
  1. Click on “Account Setup”.
  2. Select the carrier you want to deliver with.
  3. Scroll down to “Other Details” and set “Pickup Time” and “Company Close Time”.

Step 2: Request Pickup

Store owner view

Vendor view
  1. Click on views from left menu.
  2. Click “Label Batch”.
  3. Select Label Batch you want ship.
  4. Click on the “Request Pickup For Selected” under “Request Pickup”

Step 3: Generate Manifests

Store owner view

Vendor view

  1. Click on “Views” from left menu.
  2. Click on “Pickups”.
  3. Select the requested pickup.
  4. Click on “Close And Generate Manifest For Selected” under “Close And Generate Manifest”

Step 4: Print Manifest

Manifest has all the information about the shipment like tracking number, order number, delivery location, etc…

This document is generally handed over to the carrier pickup guy, in order to have a smooth pickup of your shipments.

Store owner view

vendor view
  1. Click on “views”.
  2. Select “Manifests”.
  3. Click on “Print”.
Store owners manifests

vendors manifests

Order tracking for multiple vendor order through StorePep

StorePep automatically updates tracking status to customer and empower them to track all shipments from one place.

Order Tracking status to customers

Customer is updated about their tracking status through an e-mail or the can even monitor order status on the website (online store).

Order Tracking status through website:

Tracking status of order fulfilled by Store owner
Tracking status of order fulfilled by vendor

Tracking status up date through email:

Tracking status email updates of order fulfilled by Store owner
Tracking status email updates of order fulfilled by vendor

Order Tracking status to store owner and vendors

Both the store owner and the vendor will have his own independent tracking status of all their order. From here you can monitor the order status and if you find any delays then you can report it to carriers. From here store owner and the vendor can get to know an actual number of orders that are in transit, out for delivery and delivered.

Tracking status of store owners orders
Tracking status of store owners orders


Using StorePep for the multi-vendor online store will simplify the shipping scenario. In this article we have covered how can multiple vendors fulfill their orders. If you have any query regarding multi-vendor you can contact us here.