Canada Post tracking will help you to locate your product at a different point in time. It provides information about the route of the product. The estimated delivery date, and time of your product. For the seamless service of your E-commerce store, it is very important to deliver your product on time. This where the trusted and professional carrier service like Canada post will play an important role. Tracking solution is important for Store-owner and customer.

Importance of a robust solution around tracking?
Running an online e-commerce business is not an easy job especially when it comes to shipping. It is important that you provide tracking status to your customer regularly. At the same time check whether a shipment has been fulfilled on time. An excellent way to achieve this would be by using a robust tracking solution. Both online store-owners and customers will feel convenience using a robust tracking solution.

1. Reduce customers nervousness

Customers ordering online would like to locate their product or get tracking updates from you. Especially the new customers who are ordering from your store for the first time. If there is a delay in order shipment and the customer has no tracking status. They might get nervous and consider canceling the order and regret buying in your store.

2. Reduce Pressure on Customer Service

Providing tracking status to your customers will help in reducing the service calls about the delivery status of there product.
If the customer is updated with there tracking status. There will be no need for them to call customer service to know the status of their product.
Customer service can use this time for more important tasks. This would help to provide a seamless experience for the customer.

3. Complete delivery information

Tracking status, not just provide the current delivery status of his product. But also the location of his product. And an estimated delivery date to its customers. And he will be also notified about the delay in delivery.

4. Check delay in shipment over guaranteed time

With Canada Post tracking, store owners can cross-check delivery dates, guaranteeing them to the actual delivery date. It is important to check this for two reasons:-
1. When a customer places the order they would expect his product to be delivered within the date you guaranteed or promised. Failing to do so will have a bad reputation for your brand.
2. Canada Post provides you an on-time guarantee for some of its services. When delivery is made after the guaranteed date, you will be qualified to claim a refund (will discuss this in detail below).

The above benefits show the importance of having a tracking status for your e-commerce store. Therefore choose the carrier services that provide you tracking statuses.

Canada Post services that provide a tracking status

Providing shipping status is recommended and the best practice for an e-commerce store. Not all the Canada Post services provide tracking status to them. Thus an online store owner who uses Canada Post for shipping needs to be familiar with the services which provide tracking status.

There are four Domestic, two USA and two international Canada Post services which provide tracking services. I have prepared a table with the list of Canada Post services which will give a tracking number to its users.

Domestic (Canada)USAInternational
Priority™XpressPost™ – USAPriority™ Worldwide
XpressPost™Expedited Parcel™ – USA
™ International
Expedited Parcel™Priority™ Worldwide
Tracked Packet
Regular Parcel™Tracked Packet™ USA

If you are using any of the above Canada Post services to ship your product you would be able to locate tracking numbers on your shipping label or receipt. And Services like “Small Packet™ – USA”, “Small Packet – International” and “InternationalParcelTM” do not provide a tracking status. Make sure you are not using these services for your e-commerce store.

For the seamless operation of your e-commerce shipping, use the Canada post services which provide tracking status. You can then locate the tracking number and make sure your customer has it.

What does Canada Post tracking number look like?

Tracking numbers are located on the receipt or label for store owners. Store owners then have to forward the tracking number to there customer so that they will be able to check their tracking status.

Tracking numbers can either be 16 digits. Or 13numeric digits and alphabetic characteristics like below.

16 digit numeric tracking number1234 5678 9012 3456
13 digits numeric and alphabetic characteristicsXX 000 000 000 XX

Now that you know what does tracking number look like. It will be easy for you to locate it.

Where to find a Canada Post tracking number?

As discussed above there are 10 Canada Post services both for domestic and international shipping services which provide you tracking status.
Let me show you where you can locate tracking numbers for some of these services. You can use this as a reference.
Where to locate tracking number in the label for shipping within Canada
Where to find Canada Post tracking number in domestic label
Where to locate tracking number in the label for shipping to the USA
Where to locate Canada Post tracking number in the label for shipping to the USA
Where to locate tracking number in the label for Canada Post International shipping
Where to locate tracking number in the label for For International shipping

Once you have located the tracking number using your shipping label you will be able to track the status of your product by entering your tracking number. It is a time-consuming task to go through and check the status of each of your orders and provide the same to your customers.

After which you have to check whether you can claim a refund for late delivery especially when you are using multiple carriers.
There is a large demand from online store-owners for an all in one platform where they can see all the tracking information from multiple carriers on one screen.
With shipping solutions like StorePep, you can have tracking statuses of all your items on one page.

Simplify your Canada Post tracking using StorePep.

StorePep is a one-stop e-commerce shipping solution in which you can generate shipping label of all the top shipping carriers along with Canada Post. With one click and schedule pickup. Integrate Canada Post with StorePep.
Generating Canada Post shipping labels in bulk using Storepep
Once you have received the orders from a customer you can see all your orders on your StorePep account you can generate all the Canada Post shipping labels with just one click as shown in the above image. You can then request pickups and generate manifests.
StorePep automates your Canada Post tracking at three levels.

1. Individual tracking.

StorePep will send a delivery status notification to your customers automatically. This reduces the need for an extra software service.
Shipping status email from StorePep

2. Bulk Tracking

Once your order is picked up by your Canada Post carriers you can check the tracking status of all your orders in one place as shown in the below image.
Here you can check the shipping status of each product from various carriers.
Canada post tracking in bulk using StorePep

Since I am using Canada Post for testing, all the tracking statuses are shown as initial. Let me show you another image where you can check tracking status from multiple carriers.

Canada Post complete tracking status
Tracking status of multiple carriers using StorePep
As you can see in the above image the tracking status is shown in three colors green, yellow, and red.
Green: On time
Yellow: Delayed (Less Than 2 Days)
Red: Delayed (Over 2 Days)
Here you can check the delays in delivery and raise a delay issue with Canada Post support. You can request a refund from Canada Post. This eliminates your task of cross-checking each of your orders individually.

3. Complete Solution

StorePep provides you with a complete solution. Customers get shipping status notification and store owners can track their order in bulk, along with that detect delays in shipping. according to which he can claim refunds. All these activities are done seamlessly. Along with other functions like showing live rates at the checkout page, generating labels & manifests, and automating your tracking processes.
This reduces the need for a separate solution for all of these services.

As discussed in the bulk tracking section StorePep highlights all of the delays in delivery. Allowing you to claim a refund for a delay in there shipping.

How to request a refund for late delivery of a parcel by Canada Post?

If you are Shipping through Canada Post and your order is not shipped within the guaranteed time (Canada Post delivery time). You can claim a refund for the shipping delay. Canada Post will give you a replacement service and credit equivalent of the shipping charges.
Here are the services which provide on-time guarantee services.
Domestic (Canada)USAInternational
Priority™Xpresspost™ – USAPriority™ Worldwide
Xpresspost™Priority™ WorldwideXpresspost™ International
Expedited Parcel™

If you are using one of the above Canada Post services and have a copy of the mailing receipt you can qualify for a postage refund if the given condition(s) are met.

Conditions for postage refunds when delivering within Canada

  1. If the parcel is delivered after the guaranteed date.
  2. You have to request for a refund within 30 business days of the guaranteed delivery date.

Conditions for postage refunds for shipping USA and International

  1.  If the parcel is delivered after the guaranteed date.
  2. The parcel didn’t cause delay due to US or international customs
  3. You have to request for a refund within 30 business days of the guaranteed delivery date.
You can request a refund here

Along with tracking and generating shipping labels, there are many other features that StorePep can offer for Canda Post, you can refer to this page: Shipping with Canada Post using StorePep