Setting up your packaging information is an important step towards fully automating your shipping process. StorePep allows you to define your packing method with customization options for the units of weight to be used and the Max Weight of your shipments.

By providing and saving this information, you enable to StorePep to automate your shipments based on the criteria you set. Find out more about setting ‘AUTOMATION RULES’ here.

You will find the packaging setup in the ‘Settings’ tab, under the ‘Shipping’ option on your StorePep dashboard.

Simply enter the packaging details and click on ‘Save’.

The next bit involves setting up your shipping zones. Once you are done with the packaging, click on ‘Set Up Shipping Zones’ to get started.

Click on ‘Add Zone’ and you will get redirected to the setup page where you define and create zones for shipping automation.

StorePep allows you to create shipping zones based on country, sate, and postal code. Once added, you can define automated rules for each zone and let StorePep take care of your shipping for you.

In the following example, we have defined all three of these criteria. It is not mandatory that a zone needs to be defined using all 3 parameters, however. Any one or two of these fields will do according to your convenience.

Adding a zone makes it easy for the criteria you specify for that zone to be referenced by your automated shipping rules. Learn more about how to AUTOMATE SHIPPING RULES here.

Toggling the ‘Match All Conditions’ on will ensure that your automated shipping rules are only executed if all the 3 conditions specified are met. Otherwise, the automated shipping rule does not go through. In case this option is turned off, the rule will be executed if any one of the 3 criteria is met.

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