StorePep helps you to manage multiple warehouses from a single StorePep account. Most of the store owners have a number of warehouses which eventually gets difficult to manage with a number of orders coming on a daily basis. StorePep is a perfect solution for such store owners who are having multiple warehouses spread across the state or country. For example: If a store owner has multiple warehouses set in different countries and gets an order, one from Mumbai and the other one from New York. The Mumbai order will be catered by the store in India and the New York order will be taken care by the store that is in the United states. The store owner can integrate both these warehouses into his single StorePep account and manage it smoothly without any hassle. StorePep provides the store owners different e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento 1.9, Magento 2 and Shopify. Once the store is setup under any of the chosen platforms, the store owner need to add the carrier services. StorePep also gives a number of carriers to choose from i.e FedEx, DHL Express,, UPS, USPS, Canada Post and Delhivery . The store owner have to add their warehouses’ address next in the following way :
A warehouse address can be added if you go to the “Account Setup” and choose the “From Address” option. The details are supposed to be filled as per the location of the warehouse that needs to be added. We can see the following example:
Once the details are filled, the address just needs to saved and it’ll be added to the store. If we want to add another address, we just give the details in a similar way and save it.
Once the warehouses are setup, the next step needs is to specify which warehouse to choose for any particular order. Say the shipment has to be done within India, then the warehouse that has been setup in India (Kasturi Nagar) has to be chosen. The store owner needs to save an automation rule, which can be setup by :
This shows that if the shipping zone is within India, the shipping from address will be “Kasturi Nagar” and the Carrier service chosen will be DHL Express. If we choose to ship an order within the United States then the warehouse that needs to be chosen will be the one set up in the US. The store owner will have to set up a different Automation rule for that.
This rule will make sure that the orders that need to be shipped to any address within the United States use the warehouse situated in the US. Now when we place an order for the US there’ll be an automated rule to choose the US based warehouse .
We can see the Ship from address gets automated to the US-based Shop in this case.   For any further queries, you can fill up the contact form and we’ll get back to you.