In StorePep, we give an option to the store owners to update order information if required. Once the order is successfully placed, the order moves to the processing status. The changes that are supposed to be made on the order information needs to be done in the initial status.

Considering Order no. 429, we can see it’s in Processing stage. To update the following order it needs to brought back to the initial stage. The order needs to be selected and under “Bulk Action” we choose the “Change status to initial” option. Once that is done we can see the Status change back to Initial. There are a number of things that can be updated from your StorePep account. If the Store owner wants to change the Ship from address the it can be changed under “Bulk Action” and then select “Set ship from address” option.

The ship from address can be chosen from any of the warehouses that the store owner has saved in his Storepep account.

To edit “Shipping Address” click on the order number to go to order details and then click on the edit shipping address to make your changes.

Apart from changing these details, the customer gets an option to update the order as well. These updates can be done under the Automation Setup. Actions that can be updated under the automation options are: Add Carrier Service Set Carrier/Service Set Package Dimensions Set Package Weight Add Insurance Add Shipping from Address Add DHL special service The above mentioned changes can only be made when the order is in the “initial status”. For example : To update the package weight by 10% of the current weight we need to add a rule.

The package weight is mentioned as 6.25 kgs. To update the package weight we go to the ” Automation” option and choose the “Add New” option.

Once the increase in weight rule is added to the automation process, the weight of the package gets updated.

The package weight now has updated to 6.89 kgs. Still have questions? Just fill out our contact form and our specially trained agents will get in touch with you within 24 hours.