If you are the owner of an online e-commerce store and pride yourself in providing impeccable customer service, you might want to take a look at StorePep. After all, a good customer experience goes a long way towards promoting brand loyalty. We, at StorePep, have listened to the voice of online store owners like yourself and are happy to present an end to end solution that takes care of all your shipping needs. With StorePep, you can automatically limit shipping options based on the criteria of weight, price, shipping zone, quantity, carrier, or even product shipping class. StorePep allows you to fully automate the process with a few simple steps:
  • Go to Automation Rules under Shipping rates on your StorePep account.
  • Select the ‘Add Rule’ option on the Automation Rules page.
  • Choose a new rule name and then the criteria under which you want to limit the shipping options to. For example, say you want to choose a rule for every order weighing less than 100 lbs .
  • Choose an option under ‘Action Details’ specifying the action that you wish to be performed for the selected criteria ( In this case, weight should be less than 100 lbs ) .
  • You can even create rules based on carrier services like UPS and even narrow it down to specific services provided by UPS (UPS Worldwide Expedited or UPS Saver).
  • Make sure to ‘Enable’ and ‘Update’ the rule to save it .
  • Once the rule is updated, all the chosen services will be visible during checkout.
In case you still have any questions, just fill out our contact form, and our specially trained agents will get back to you.