Step by Step Instructions on :

1. How to Configure StorePep WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin in your WooCommerce Store?

There are two ways to configure the plugin : 
Process 1 : If you already have a StorePep account
Process 2 : If you do not have a StorePep account

Steps required for Process 1: 

Login to your StorePep account, head on to Settings and click on ‘API Keys’ as shown in screenshot below : 









Copy the Integration ID, Secret Key and in the plugin settings as explained in Process 2. The only difference between Process 1 and Process 2 is that, you do not need to click on ‘Signup & Get API Key’ as in Process 2.

Steps required for Process 2: 
Download WooCommerce Shipping calculator from StorePep & Install it in your WooCommerce Store : 
Installation of the plugin is easy. In the WooCommerce dashboard, go to  Plugins –> Add New and upload it. Configure the StorePep Shipping calculator app : As soon as the plugin is installed, you need to configure it on your store. Using the StorePep WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin, it is superbly easy to do this. Just click on the button ‘Signup & Get API Key’ and this will automatically create your free account and provide the Integration ID and Secret Key : 


You can confirm your StorePep account by clicking the verification link sent to you in the email provided in app configuration : After taking the details copy them into the APP and you are done :

2. How to Setup your account?

Configure your WooCommerce store in StorePep :  Since by now, your StorePep account is verified, hop onto and login to your account. In the account click on the bottom left corner icon that shows Settings and then ‘+’ sign to add your store. This takes you to the actual WooCommerce configuration module where you need to provide the following details about your Shopify integration: – Store URL – Consumer Key – Consumer Secret. Store URL : You can provide your Shopify Store URL in the this field. How to get Consumer Key, Consumer Secret? In WooCommerce dashboard, navigate to Settings –> Advanced –> REST API –> Add Key. Provide Read/Write permission and click on Generate API Key : Once this is created, Copy these details and put them in StorePep : Once you have put all the details, click on ‘connect’ and your store shall be connected :

3. How to Configure DHL Shipping carrier in your account?

Configure DHL Shipping carrier :  Navigate to Carriers and click on ‘+’ sign and then select.

In order to configure DHL, kindly provide : – DHL Account Number – DHL SITE ID – DHL SITE Password. These details can be got from DHL by following the simple writeup on ‘How to create a DHL Developer account for integration with StorePep : Once you get the details, just put them in the carrier configuration and click on ‘Connect’. 


3.1. How to Display live DHL Shipping rates in WooCommerce using StorePep?

Once DHL Shipping carrier is configured in your StorePep account, you are ready to receive the rates in checkout page. DHL shipping rates are integrated directly in WooCommerce checkout as shown below :

Custom Rates :  Suppose you intend to display DHL Jumbo Box for certain items that are more than 15 lbs. For lighter items, you are fine with DHL Express Easy. Rest services should not hidden from the customer. This can be easily achieved by changing Automation Rule : Log on to and click on ‘Rates Automation’. Here you can define the Jumbo Box to be only shown when Order weight is greater than 15.


Similarly, services can be changed based on a number of factors such as :

3.2. How to Print 100s of DHL Shipping labels in WooCommerce using StorePep?

Log onto your StorePep account, check the ‘Processing‘ Tab, select the order and create the label for that order :


To generate DHL Shipping labels for all the selected orders at once, navigate to Order view –> Label Batch:

Here is the label generated for you : 
























Similar to Rates Automation, if you want to change the condition on which the labels need to be generated, you can alter the automation rules for label generation:

3.3. How to Book DHL Pickups for your WooCommerce orders?

You can generate ‘Pickup’ from the ‘Label created’ or the ‘Label Batch’ section from your account :

3.4. How to Generate Manifests for your DHL Orders?

Manifests can be generated and viewed under Manifest section :

Generated Manifest :

3.5. How to Track DHL Shipments using Storepep?

To track your shipments, you can navigate to the Tracking section and view the real time tracking status :

Here it is!