Generating shipping labels in StorePep can be done easily. Here are the steps using which you can easily generate shipping labels in bulk and track your shipments in StorePep for your Shopify store.

Step 1: Once the orders are imported into StorePep, you can see them under “All orders” as shown below:

You can see the status of the orders from this page. Only those orders with status “Processing” can be used for label generation.

Step 2: Select the orders for which the label has to be generated. Click on “Generate Labels” under “More Actions

Now, the labels for the selected order will be generated. You can see that under the “Label Created” section.

To download and print the label, go to “Label Batch” section.

A sample label is given below.

Step 3: Go to “Label Created” section, select the order for which the labels are generated and click on “Request Pickup for selected” under “More Actions”.

Step 4: You can see the order for which the pickup was initiated under the “Pickup” section. Now, select those orders and click on “Close and Generate Manifest for selected“.

Now, the Manifest for those orders are generated. You can print the Manifest for the orders under “Manifest” section.

A sample Manifest is given below.

Step 5: After the Manifest is generated, the orders will move to the “Shipped” section, which will be in the initial state. Once this is done, you can go to the “Tracking” section to see the real-time status for the orders. You will also get the tracking number for the orders from this section.

You can also find the tracking number and track your order directly from the “Shopify Orders” page. Click on the particular order to navigate to the “Order Details” page.

In the order details page, you can see a FedEx tracking number.

To track your order directly from FedEx website, click on the tracking number, which will direct you to the FedEx tracking page.

If you have any queries, please do contact us. Our team will be able to solve any issues that you face.