What is a Packing Slip?

The packing slip is the list of the product that has to be shipped, it is attached to the shipping package. Name of the product its quantity, weight, and price are listed in it. You can either print a single packing slip for your order in StorePep or also as a batch. It has to be noted here that packing slip is not the same as the invoice.


Why do you need a Packing Slip?

The process of shipment does not complete with an Invoice. It must also include Packing slips, especially for the International shipments. Whenever an order is processed, a Packing slip has to be created so that the Packing department does not have any queries regarding the number of orders or which item is to be packed. Packing Slips will contain details of your shipment, the packing details, and the marks and numbers noted on the outside of the boxes.

Generating Packing Slips using StorePep 

StorePep is a one-stop shopping solution for your E-commerce store. It allows to check the Live Rates at checkout, Print Shipping Labels in Bulk, Proactive tracking updates to the customers and also create Packing Slips for the items. The process of generating a Packing Slip is a simple task using StorePep.

After the order status is changed to processing, Labels for the order are generated. After the Label generation, pickup and manifest are completed and the order is ready for shipping. For all the orders whose Labels are generated, Packing Slips can be generated and it can be sent along with the package.

Here is a sample Packing Slip for one Package.

Let’s take a case where the order has multiple packages then each package should have its own packing slip. This is automatically taken by StorePep by providing its own packing slips for each package. Let’s say that you have received an order of three products of two quantities each, in this case, StorePep will automatically divide the orders into three packages and you can generate three shipping labels and three packing slips. 

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