Download :

You can download StorePep Magento Shipping calculator extension in 2 ways :
– Directly from
– From Magento Marketplace
You can directly download the package from StorePep: ‘Magento StorePep Shipping calculator‘.

Steps for Installation :

Installation of the package is quite easy in the manual mode.

Step 1 :

Navigate to the menu ‘System –>Magento Connect Manager’. Put your account credentials for verification and this will take you to Magento Connect Manager Window as shown below :

System –> Magento Connect Manager









Step 2 :

Use the Direct Package File upload feature to upload the package(extension) by clicking on ‘Choose file’ and ‘Upload’

Step 3 :

The installed extension will be displayed in section ‘Manage Existing extensions’ as shown below :

Updating the Extension:

To check whether any new changes have been released for the extension, just click on ‘Check for upgrades’. Once the check is done and you have selected for update, click on Commit changes for the changes to be effective.

Reinstalling the extension :

Under  ‘Actions’, select Re-install and click on ‘Commit Changes’ to proceed with reinstallation as shown below :

For any queries, approach StorePep Support for a speedy clarification.