The following steps will help you create a developer account and integrate with StorePep. 

Step 1 : Hop on to and click on 'Get Started'




Step 2 : Setup Profile details including account username and password, membership details and supplies

1. Setup your email address, username, password : 
















2. Setup your credit card details and confirm your membership details : 
     Note : The first month will be free and the charges will be deducted from the subsequent month after the free trial


3. Choose supplies and place order :


Step 3 : Check your email for confirmation of the account

After placing order, will open an account for you and you will be taken to the Shipping system.
To confirm that the account is opened with the same username provided by you earlier, just check your email : 


Step 4 : Use the details to connect to a StorePep account

Using the details of the just created account, the storeowner has to configure his courier settings in StorePep as shown below :



Once is configured in StorePep along with other details like Store configuration, Packaging, ShipFrom Address, you are ready to ship. You can generate a few labels for test from the ‘Processing’ tab as shown below : 










Sample Label for reference created by our development team :