The return process is done for an order that has been delivered to a customer and the customer wants to return it back to the store. We can initiate the return process using the Storepep platform with ease since we already have the customer’s details (such as the Product, Order ID, Pickup address, etc.). A return label can be created from the store owner’s Storepep Account and a copy of the same is sent to the customer’s registered e-mail id.

Once an order has the status shipped, we can generate a return label for that particular order. For example considering Order No. 387, which is currently in “Shipped Status”.

This order has to be picked up from the customer’s address. So to begin with, we need to select the particular order number and under “Bulk Action” select the option “Create return label”.

Once that option is selected you get to choose the number of items to be returned back. For example – If the customer purchases 10 items out of which he just wants to return 2 of them, he can select what all items are to be chosen for return pickup.

Once the return label is generated by the store owner, the order can be seen under the “Returns” option.

If you want to see the return label that has been generated for this particular shipment, you can just select this particular order and download it from “Summary”. This return label is automatically sent to the customer’s e-mail id which has to be attached to the shipment

Once the Return Pickup is created and the Return label is generated we can raise a pickup request where the carrier gets notified about it.


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