There have been some queries by our customers on noticing differences in courier rates while using the UPS carrier compared to the rates calculated on the UPS Shipping Rate calculator.

If the Courier Rates at both places are not the same, then you have to consider the following factors:

  • Shipping address should be the same in both cases. If there is some change in the address, then the rates will be different in both cases.
  • The weight and dimensions of the product are to be entered correctly. Make sure that at both the places, the units of the weight and the dimension are the same. If it is different, then make sure that it is converted accordingly.
  • The Store Owner has to choose by which way want to provide the rates to the customers, ie. he can classify the Rates as Retail, Wholesale, Occasional or Rates Associated with Shipper Number which is decided by UPS. Rates Associated with Shipper Number means that some of the account numbers will be having a discount from the side of UPS and by choosing this, there will be changes in the Rates provided to the customers.

So, here we provide you with the complete steps to check whether you get the same courier rates in both the cases.

Step 1: From your Store, add a product to the cart, give the shipping address and other details. Let the shipping of the product be from the US to Bangalore, India.

You can see that the weight of the product is set as 4.40 lbs and the dimensions are  1x1x1 inches.

Now, add the product to the cart and then check the rates of the UPS carrier.

You can see the Rates of the UPS carrier as shown below.


Step 2: Now, go to  UPS Rate Calculator.

Give all the details which were given while placing the order ie. shipment is from the US to Bangalore, India, the weight and dimensions of the product have to be given the same which is in the store. Then check for the Rates in the UPS Rate calculator. Make sure that the details entered at both the places are the same.

In the UPS Shipping Calculator, the rates shown are by default the Retail rates of the shipment. So, you can find the Rates of the UPS Rate Calculator as shown here:

You can see that the weight (8.80 lbs for 2 items) and the dimensions of the product are the same in both the cases. So, from this, you can see that both the services of UPS gives the same shipping rates both in the cart and in the shipping calculator.

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