Making sure that all your products are stored and maintained well doesn’t mark the completion of an order. These products are to be shipped to the right place. The process of shipping a product can be put into two different groups: Manual and Automatic. Nowadays, shipping a product to anywhere in this world has become so easy and fast with the automation of the shipping process.

Manual Shipping

Manual shipping could be portrayed as it was done in the good ‘old days’ of transportation ie. it has already outdated and automated shipping is taking its position. Manual shipping includes physically picking a transportation strategy for each package depending on different factors, for example, time, place of delivery, and cost, and rounding out the shipping information manually without the use of any pre-printed labels. Manual shipping works well only with smaller retail businesses as the number of products to be shipped will be less.

Manual shipping is a more time-consuming method since the Store owner has to manually generate the Label from the carrier website. For example, In the case of FedEx, the Store Owner has to sign in, then fill the details of the order he has received, then generate the Label for the order from the FedEx website and then ship the product which requires more resources and manpower. So, to prepare the shipment for transportation, it takes a lot of time.

Automatic Shipping

In Automatic shipping, the shipping process is handled automatically via computer. These systems are integrated with a carrier (like FedEx) and are designed to track packages, print shipping labels and also provide automatic information about the status of the items being shipped. This method is much quicker than the manual method as all the details are filled out automatically from the information provided by the customer. The application like StorePep provides the Store Owner with this automation of the shipping process. Whenever a customer places an order, order and product info are automatically pulled into the StorePep account and the Label is generated in a single click.

What does StorePep do?

StorePep is an Automatic Shipping Solution for all types of businesses; either small or a bigger one. StorePep allows you to automate the complete process of shipping starting from placing the order till the delivery of the product to the customer. The store owner just has to integrate his store to StorePep and all the process will be automated.

As soon as a customer places an order, it will be automatically imported into the StorePep account.


The store owner can select the shipper(eg: FedEx, UPS) by which he wants to send the shipment and then select the orders and generate the labels for the required order at just one click.

After he generates the labels, he can print the packing slip which includes the details of the order.

Then he can initiate the pickup and manifest of the products he has to ship.

StorePep makes the process very simple as these processes can be done for any number of order at a time in just one click.

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