When a customer places an order form the Store, the order details get automatically imported into the StorePep account of the Store. All the details of the order (including the carrier details if the customer has selected a carrier manually at the cart page) will be imported into the StorePep account and the Store Owner now has to initiate the shipping process of the order.

When the order is imported it will be automatically in the processing stage. If it is in the initial stage, then it has to be changed to the processing stage.

Here, order number 367 is in the initial stage and has to be changed to the processing stage. To change the order status, you just have to select the order and go to “Bulk Actions” and select “Change the status to processing”.

Here, the USPS carrier is selected because, among the enabled carriers, USPS was having the lowest cost of shipping. Since the customer has not selected the carrier service manually, StorePep automatically detects the least cost carrier from the enabled ones. After the status has been changed to processing, the Label for the shipment has to be generated. Select the order and select “Generate Label”, so that the Label for the order has been generated.

When the Label is generated, the amount required for the shipment will be deducted from the Store Owner’s account except for the DHL carriers. In DHL carriers, the amount will be deducted only when the Label is scanned by the authorities before shipping.

If there has been some error in the order and the Label has to be canceled, you have to inform the carrier service about the cancellation of the Label so that the amount can be refunded back. Then, for cancelling the Label, you just have to select the order and select “Cancel Shipment”. After the shipment is canceled, then the order status will again change to initial.

To recreate shipping Label after deleting the previous one, the order status has to be changed from initial to processing. Again, StorePep will automatically select the carrier which is having the least cost. Then, the Labels for the order can be created by selecting the order and selecting “Generate Labels”.

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