How StorePep can help me?

By Automation: You do not have to manually copy paste order information in carrier website to generate labels. StorePep pulls in the order and product information automatically and you can generate labels in a single click. In addition, you can select 100s of orders at once and generate labels for them in one shot. Moreover, no need to call the carrier to arrange a pickup. Right from the system, this can be arranged. Finally, store owners can track all their shipments from within StorePep and the customer gets real time notifications about their orders.

Do you provide discounted shipping rates?

The Shipping cost charged by using StorePep is the exact rate you have negotiated with your respective carrier. So StorePep utilises store owner’s account rates and by itself does not provide discounted rates.

Which shipping carriers are supported with StorePep?

The following carriers are supported:

• FedEx
• Canada Post
• Australia Post
• Delivery
• BlueDart
• ParcelForce

Which eCommerce platforms are supported by StorePep?

• Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Magento 1.9 upto 2.3

Do you support Multi Vendors? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, StorePep surely supports Multi vendor scenario for WooCommerce. It has integrations with Dokan and WCFM Multi vendor solutions. StorePep uses the respective vendor address to calculate rates to a given destination. Vendors can generate labels, request pickups, generate manifests by themselves right from the WCFM/Dokan dashboard. Moreover, they can use their carrier contracts to get negotiated shipping rates at checkout.

To understand the process, refer the following videos:

1. Dokan Integration with StorePep – Click Here!

2. WCFM Integration with StorePep – Click Here!

Currently we do not support Multiple vendors for Shopify and Magento. However, if you are looking for a Multi vendor solution for your Shopify/Magento store, you can contact our team.

StorePep supports which countries?

StorePep is operational throughout the world. This means if you have an account with any of our supported carriers like FedEx, UPS, etc, and your country supports shipping with these carriers, then StorePep will definitely work out for you.

Does StorePep support COD?

COD – Cash on delivery is a feature that allows Store Owners to take Cash on delivery of the product to the customer. Naturally, this feature is provided by the respective carrier and a charge is levied for this service. The amount provided by the customer to the carrier is then paid to the store owner in cash/cheque/online transfer depending upon the contract of the store owner with the carrier

What are your shipping charges?

The Shipping cost charged by using StorePep is the exact rate you have negotiated with your respective carrier. StorePep currently has a seamless integration with carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Delhivery, Bluedart to completely automate your shipping process. If your store is in infancy state and you do not have a carrier account or you have already approached carriers and they are not ready to provide you an account due to low volume, then StorePep is not a right solution for you at this point of time. You can contact any of the postage resellers or shipping brokers to have a make shift arrangement.

As your business grows and volume increases, with a postage Re Seller you will start facing problems like undelivered shipments, incorrect shipping rate calculations and delays in refund processing. To resolve these, you will contact the Re seller support who will then contact the carrier. This takes 4-5 days and may not finally yield proper results. Hence it is important to have a direct account with carriers and have a relationship manager for assistance. This is the time carriers will be more than happy to provide you an account with negotiated rates and you need StorePep as your shipping solution to completelyautomate your order fulfilment process.

Check out following video to see how StorePep can help in order fulfilment process.

1. Automate FedEx Shipments using – With Live Rates, Tracking, Bulk Shipping Label – Click Here!

2. How to get Amazon Prime like experience on your online store using StorePep? – Click Here!

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