What is Saturday Delivery?

There is no need of being curious about what it is actually about. As the name suggests, it quite simply implies product delivery on Saturdays. Saturday delivery is a special shipping service provided by different carriers to deliver a package to a recipient on Saturday, rather than usual business days of Monday-Friday. Most of the carriers provide this service to their customers.

Why Saturday Delivery?

This is considered a special service since most carriers don’t deliver the shipment on Saturdays. If the product was shipped on Friday and even if the delivery can be done on Saturdays and Sundays, the customer has to wait until the next working day to get the product. So, to overcome this problem, different carriers provide this service so that the product gets delivered even on weekends. By providing these services to your customers, you are cementing brand loyalty with every sale you make.

Most of the top carriers support this service:

  • DHL

DHL provides Saturday delivery service on the condition that the customer has to choose the “Saturday Delivery” option while preparing the shipment. An extra charge will be added for this special service. Once the package has been shipped, DHL will not change the delivery method and if you didn’t pay extra for Saturday delivery, your package will arrive on Monday or the next working day.

  • UPS

UPS provides Saturday shipments for time-critical shipments. Saturday Delivery service times depend on the shipping service that the customer chooses, and the origin and destination of the shipment. For Saturday Delivery, a Saturday Delivery sticker must be affixed to each shipment. With some services, Saturday delivery of a UPS Returns shipment may be available in the United States only.

  • FedEx

FedEx provides with 4 different services for the Saturday delivery service:

  • FedEx Express: FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx 2Day services all offer Saturday delivery to most U.S. cities.
  • FedEx Home delivery: With this service, Saturday is a standard delivery day for most residential addresses in the U.S and there’s no extra cost.
  • FedEx SmartPost: In addition to delivering to every U.S. residential address, FedEx SmartPost lets you reach any P.O. box.
  • Hold at FedEx location: If your customers are not available on Saturday, they can still receive a package. Just send it to a FedEx location. “Hold at FedEx Location” feature can be selected even after a package is in transit.


  • USPS

In this carrier, the delivery depends on the service which is chosen. Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail items may deliver on Saturdays. Priority Mail service is starting at $6.65 at Post Office locations and online. There is no specific delivery time for USPS to deliver the package. The delivery time depends on the amount of the shipment, the distance between the storehouse and the place where the parcel has to reach etc.

How to achieve this service using StorePep?

DHL Saturday Delivery service can be achieved in StorePep. As soon as the order has been imported into the StorePep account, select the order change the order status to initial and under “Bulk actions” click on “Add DHL Special Services”.

After selecting DHL special services, select “Saturday Delivery” from the two options.

So, now this order will be processed as a Saturday delivery order and will be delivered on Saturday if it is not possible to deliver on the day before that. The customer doesn’t have to wait till the next working day for the item to get delivered. Extra rates will be automatically added by the carrier at the time of checkout for this service.

StorePep allows you to manage such special services provided by the carriers you work with. You can manage all your orders from StorePep’s unified dashboard.

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