Up until now, store owners have had to manually call individual carrier services for every batch of orders, making the entire process very tedious. StorePep is a platform that is integrated with multiple carrier services such as DHL Express, FedEx, Stamps.com, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, and Delhivery. Once an order is placed, the store owner can generate pickup request via StorePep with a few simple clicks. When you generate pickup request for any carriers using StorePep, all relevant order details including the total number of orders, total weight of the package, and date and time for the pickup is automatically sent to the carrier service for convenience. Immediately after an order gets placed on the website, you can view the order details on your StorePep account. Confirmed orders are displayed under the ‘Processing’ tab on your dashboard. The Next process is Label Generation in which you just need to select the orders and click on ‘Create Label For Selected’.
Once the label has been generated, you will get a confirmation message. The next step is to request pickup for the order. The order whose pickup needs to be requested has to be selected under the Label Batch option. Simply select the orders and click on ‘Request Pickup’. You will get a confirmation message within seconds.
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