One of the most important features that we offer our customers is the ability to completely take charge of your shipping with cleverly designed automation rules. We give e-commerce store owners the time and power to take

We have a number of criteria based on which you can set rules:

  1. Zone – Automate shipping based on the shipping zones you define.
  2. Store In case you have more than one store connected to your StorePep account, you can set shipping rules that prioritize certain carriers over others based on where the orders come in from.
  3. Quantity – Modify and handle orders selectively based on the quantity of items included in order.
  4. Shipment Weight – This one is super important. Choose different carrier options and plans based on the weight of your shipments.
  5. Price – Choose what happens to orders based on the price of the items involved in the order.
  6. Shipping Address – Define shipping scenarios based on the address that the shipments need to be delivered. For example, if you are a Canadian store owner, Canada Post might be your preferred choice of courier for shipment deliveries within Canada. However, you can choose to employ a different courier like FedEx or DHL when it comes to shipping to other countries.

To go with these criteria, you decide on a number of actions that can be taken for all your orders. These include predetermining the carrier service of your choice, defining package weights for shipments, and more.

To create a new rule, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your StorePep dashboard. Under the ‘Automation’ option, click on ‘Setup’. Any predefined rules will show up here.

Click on ‘Add New’. You will be redirected to the rule generation page.

The ‘Choose Automation Criteria’ drop-down has the options specified above.

Once these criteria have been specified, you can go ahead and define the actions that you expect to be taken for the orders that meet this criteria. It is not necessary for all the criteria to be defined. You can simply have one or the other criteria for your orders and set up actions accordingly.

In case you have multiple criteria specified, the action will only be carried out in case all the specified criteria are met. For example, if you have mentioned for a specific carrier to be used in case the total weight of the order is greater than 20 lbs and order price is greater than $100. This carrier of your choice will only be used if both these criteria are met. In case you want the action to be taken when any 1 of these 2 conditions are met, simply select the ‘Any’ criteria from drop down menu.

The ‘Define Action Details’ section allows you to specify what exactly you want to do with the orders that meet your criteria. You can set a specific carrier service or specify the package dimensions, select the ‘Ship From’ address, add insurance and much more.

In case you have any questions, just fill out our contact form, and our specially trained agents will get in touch with you within 24 hours.