Providing the best service to the customers is the main factor of success of any company. So, for any company which provides the end-to-end shipping solution, providing the correct delivery updates to the customers makes them satisfied and give them peace of mind. This also helps in developing trust among the customers about the company. So, providing update is just to remind them of their estimated delivery day or tell them about an exception (when a package is delayed because the address was incorrect or there was no one in to receive it). StorePep helps the store owner by sending Automatic Delivery updates to his customers so that they have a good experience with the store.

What does StorePep do to automate the delivery updates to the customers?

StorePep provides One Stop Shipping solution for E-commerce stores by providing Live rates at Checkout, Print Shipping labels in bulk along with providing Automatic Delivery updates to the customers.

As soon as the customer places the order from the store, Storeowner receives the details and the process of Label generation, Pickup and Manifest is done. Then the customer receives a confirmation mail saying that the order has been marked as completed along with the Tracking ID of the order.

After the Manifest is completed, then Tracking is initiated by StorePep. Whenever the status of the order changes in the StorePep account of the store, then an E-mail regarding the status of the order is sent to the customer from StorePep. The process is continued until the customer receives the order.

For example, if the order is about to reach its final destination, then an E-mail is sent to the customer stating that the order is “In Transit”.


Similarly, when the order is Out for Delivery, then an E-mail is sent regarding this status of the order. A sample E-mail for this is given below:

The customer will get an E-mail even after the order is delivered. A sample E-mail for the same is given here:


Benefits for the Store Owner

  • Not only the customers but Store Owners are also benefitted by this initiative form StorePep. The Store Owners have a separate functionality available in StorePep, which helps them in getting the live updates of the order.
  • The Store Owner can see all the orders which are received in the “All Orders” section as shown here.

  • All the orders will be in the “Initial” state before it is Shipped. The Store Owner can see the details of the orders which are in Initial state.

  • The orders which are shipped and almost reaching the final destination will be displayed in the “In Transit” section.

  • The Store Owner can see which all orders have reached the destination and ready to be delivered in the “Out for Delivery” section.

  • And finally, all the orders which are Delivered to the customers appear in the “Delivered” section.

This initiative from StorePep helps in the Automatic Delivery updates to the customer and the Store Owner also have the live details of the order sent to the customers by which there are no queries regarding the status of the order.

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