Business Case :
ABC company ships apparels. To entice his customers, he has come up with following shipping scenarios :
1. Free shipping for orders over $100.
2. USPS Priority Mail for items less than $100.
3. USPS Priority Mail Express for items less than $100.

In the above use case, he wants to give his customers an option to choose between Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. While Priority Mail is cheaper, Priority Mail Express is faster.

Configuring this use case with StorePep(using Automation Rules) :
StorePep can make life very easy for the customer by completely configuring the above use case. Basically, we need 2 automation rules for making this possible :
– One for showing free shipping above $100.
– One for showing PM and PM-Express below $100.
The below screenshots reflect the above two rules :

Free Shipping above $100

PM and PM-Express below $100

Both rules reflected in StorePep

Once the rules are set, all you need to do this go to the cart and check the rates as shown from the screenshot :

Rates for order cost lesser than $100

Rates for order cost greater than $100

Conclusion :
Hence, this simple case can be easily configured using StorePep in not more than two automation rules. This saves both time and effort for the store owner to configure his shipping scenarios and hence provide an Amazon Prime like experience to his customers.

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