Business Case :
ABC is a US based store that ships apparels Domestically as well as Internationally.
1. For Domestic shipments, USPS is the right choice as they are cheapest with long reach across the length and breadth of the country.
2. For International shipments, ABC needs a fast and efficient service like FedEx.

Pre-requisites :
In order to configure Shipping rates for certain geographies, ABC needs to configure Shipping zones in StorePep. In the screenshot below, we can see the zones as shown below :

Domestic Zone
International Zone

Automation for configuring Shipping rates based on destination of shipments :
To configure the above scenario, two automation rules are required.
– One for domestic
– One for International

The following screenshots show how to configure rules for both these cases :
Note : We have used the domestic shipping zone created previously in the automation rule :

Domestic Shipping rule

International Shipping rule

Rates at Checkout :

For Domestic Zone

For International Zone

Conclusion :
With StorePep, automating shipping rates based on destination is a cake walk. Just create the necessary shipping zones, automation rules and you are done!

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